Become a Channel Partner

Let's remember we are a job promotions platform. So how can a channel partner come into the system.

Let's remember we are a job promotions platform. So how can a channel partner come into the system.

The word says it all, channel partner is a key person who channels work orders on CiaoHR client app to further source to CiaoHR recruiter agents in the network. Just like any other professional social media platform, the work orders generated by a channel partner is published to the live feed CiaoHR agents to understand and fulfill.

Professional Benefits of Channel Partner

Each work order gains a channel partner a minimum finders fee not less than 10% of the total bill value raised.

For eg - let's consider a client scenario, company A wants to recruit a manager with a salary of $100 USD the professional fee offered to a recruiter for identifying the right candidate is $50 USD. So the billing value is $50USD plus government taxes.

The above calculation is for understanding the breakup of earnings. On global industrial standards a salary package ranges from thousands to millions based on the profile of the employer and the profile of Manpower being searched, which also falls under 'Executive Search' work order or 'Talent acquisition' work order. These two categories are considered are highest-paid service in the manpower solutions sector.

A channel partner can take up work requirements under any of the categories and post as a work order on the client app. A channel partner can post this work on behalf of the client along with the commitment to provide professional fees to the CiaoHR who can fulfill the requirement. As the core part of the identification is done by CiaoHR recruiter, the higher proportion of the professional fees is provided to them, while the channel partner gains the rest. We recommend a minimum 10% of received professional fee for channel partners and 90% of the professional fee for the recruiter. The professional fee of $50USD for successfull placement of the right candidate is received by the channel partner which is further becomes $5USD earning and $45USD earning for CiaoHR recruiter agent whose skills has been proved proefficient.

Based on user earnings government taxes and income tax needs to be managed with professional help.

Creating more work orders on daily basis creates daily income for both Channel partner and CiaoHR agent, provided guidelines of client payment plans are mutually agreed upon.

Hence of you are a go-getter and a networker we recommend to try channel partner app to earn on the go even if you are already employed.

For self learning about the life cycle of channel partner and CiaoHR, do purchase our ebook and gain free webinars and benefits to start operating immediately.