For full-time employment

Client has understood we are behind targets , hence we have been asked to present ciaoHR openings on technological manner.

Job applicants need to be asked to download the app and start doing their first work order for bank account verification, as a part of which upon first work order submission, ₹1 would be credited for successfully accepted work order by client .

We are recommending all downloaders to try maximum work orders as their evaluation begins from the first work order, based on a maximum 45 day data based evaluation received from users CiaoHR daily app usage.

A. The performers will be provided offer letter for full-time Work from mobile employment.

B. The average performers will be provided assistance by CiaoHR India ops India to increase their efficiency via ebook purchase and free training

C. The under performers will need to attend paid training program of ciaoHR and get certified ( freshers included)

The selected will be called for Salary negotiation and offer letter rollout , while the rest of the downloaders will need to increase efficiency via self learning or via our paid 9 hour training package .

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