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Become a Global CiaoHR Consultant

For full-time employment How to apply?

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STEP 1 - Choose your stream

Become a Global CIAOHR Consultant


    Recommended for The Go-getters with the drive for b2b networking & attracting client works for the recruiter


    Recommended for The head hunters with the drive for recruiting the job seekers to fulfil client requirements


STEP 2 – Skill enhancement with E-book

Learn to Earn

Enhance your skill of the selected stream by self learning from CiaoHR E-book for beginners. Learn how a CiaoHR channel partners & CiaoHR recruiters work on daily basis as a digital network of Human resource solution finders

  • CIAOHR Channel partner

    How to capitalize a b2b meeting

  • How to create work orders

  • How to calculate profits & recruiter benefits

  • CIAOHR recruiter

    How to fulfil a work order

  • How to fit into WFH lifestyle

  • How to plan your professional fee for each work order


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Channel Partner benefits

Network with high profile clients & corporates Gain minimum 10% earnings as finders fee for all client manpower requirements which are shared as work orders to CiaoHR recruiters

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CiaoHR Recruiter benefits

Gain upto 90% earnings as finders fee for all client manpower requirements which are shared as work orders posted on live feed by channel partners

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For Job Seekers

We CiaoHR's is a culmination of manpower seeking clients, work promoters who operate and channel partners and CiaoHR recruitment agents.

Our Ciaohr recruiters categorize you by your skill, experiences and various other metrices to reach the right opportunity. Accelerate your job hunt .

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Participate in recruitment drive

What happens in recruitment drive
  • Access to course sampler
  • Instructor led live app demo
  • Channel partner opportunities
  • Access to recruiter app
  • Access to Channel partner app
  • Scroll learning for on-hands experience
  • First work order selection
  • Understanding proffesional fees vs salaried employment
  • Applying for permanent job
  • Introduction to CiaoHR Skill development via training support

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